Monthly Archives: April 2014

Different Pages, Different Paths

I write these posts as often as I can. Sometimes I have so many thoughts that I can’t get them all down before I start ignoring the desire to write anything at all. Confession: I am easily overwhelmed.

Life has always been hard. It’s like that for everyone… Each of us are on our own path. We choose which directions to go and we choose which efforts will lead us to success. For the longest time, I thought that many of my life’s decisions were impossible to make. I was and still am always scared to make a decision that will create a change that I may not be able to handle.

I’m going against my demons and create more and worry less. Here’s to another change. I have added a section of my blog titled “DeFYary.”

DeFYary = Defy+Diary

This section of the blog is dedicated to my journey in the sport of Judo. I have SO much to catch up on, but I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.